We are Teia


Every day we analyze millions of conversations and data, but behind every single bit there are people who talk, express their opinions, show their interests and live the digital places in their own way. Most people though remain anonymous even to the brands they talk directly to.

Our job is to put a face and a soul to every single bit.


Information is everywhere. Data are not information. At TEIA, we know where and how to look for data and extract information from them. Big Data management, therefore, is not a technology frontier anymore, but becomes functional to the achievement of specific business objectives. Semantics leaves the advanced research laboratories and becomes an essential tool for data analysis. Always to extract exactly what customers need from the vast Universe of digital data.

To do so, like a tailor, we customize the perimeter of our analyses, which are based on objectives rather than achievement processes. We customize technology tools, data and information for each single customer, according to their individual needs. We believe that metrics, measurements and numbers can be translated in trends, opinions and evidence. In other words, value.

We help brands understand what is going on, what happened in the past and what will happen in the future.


Before being a group of departments, TEIA is a Universe of skills and competences. Everyone’s story is different with deep roots in different industrial sectors: from Telco to Food & Beverage, Home Appliances and Digital Media.

The fruits of this multidisciplinary approach are reflected by the variety of functional roles.

Social Data Ninjas

Like true Samurai, they move nimbly in the deep ends of the Web to find data and make touch with remote communities, blogs rich in social trends, forums animated by discussions filled with interesting threads, sources of precious information.
Their weapons of choice are called TEIA Search Engine and route recognition algorithms.

Product Managers

They are product artists rather than traditional managers. Their ability is to understand customers’ needs and then tailor them according to the brands with accuracy, talent and creativity. Their palette is made of numerous TEIA proprietary tools.

Cowboy Burning Coders

The best software development talents at the service of technology innovation. A group of professionals capable of both exploring the vast of frontiers of encoding and protect valuable data to the best.


TEIA actively collaborates with primary R&D centers, carrying out technology transfers needed for its business. Instead of test tubes and white lab uniforms, expect people equipped with bicycles, smartphones and thick glasses.