How we work

We use cutting-edge technology to process Big Data, within Artificial Intelligence and Semantics in order to help brands seize the opportunities of the digital era. We bring research out of academic laboratories and combine it with business models tailored to the customer needs. We are able to industrialize the most innovative scientific products thanks to our collaboration with R&D centers and academic institutions. We are an incubator of skills and an accelerator of ideas: all our tools were designed with a broader vision of service in mind, where technology plays an enabling role.

Hot Now

This tool was born to inspire users during content creation activity. Hot Now provides an organic vision on what feeds the need for information, acting as a digital window on the real world, fully configurable so as to serve as a stimulus on Topics, Trends, Discussion Channels and Groups.
Hot Now is the NOW that could fly away or, in the worst case, go unnoticed in such a confused digital information ecosystem. Keep reading

Main features

  • The most frequent researches on online search engines
  • The latest world news
  • List of Trending Videos on Youtube
  • Trending Topics on the main Social Networks
  • Top Mobile Downloads
  • Photo of the Day
  • Best From
  • Campaign Tracker
  • Other possible customizations


Personas is a tool able to extract the complete outlook on user information.
We can do so by starting from any contact point, such as emails or Social Networks accounts. Keep reading

With Personas we can recover opinions, conversations and comments on social media groups, generating then a complete sociographic map. This digital identity card is then complemented by user proprietary information, in order to instantly rebuild the life cycle of any customer base, with accurate profiling of the individual contacts.

Besides giving an identity to users, we are also able to rebuild:

  • Job Title
  • Interests and Hobbies
  • The hottest topics on social networks
  • The most popular digital places
  • Opinions and moods on Brands, Products or Services

Topic Catcher

This is the era of Big Data. It is not a fashion trend, but a new way to create ideas, models, products, services.
There is a virtuous circle correlating global knowledge, search engines, social media, social media models of sharing and communication. Keep reading

Interconnection generates a Universe of data so big that it is difficult even to estimate its size. For instance, Google processes about 24 petabytes data a day on a total base greater than 1200 exabytes. Any time we look for some information online, through intranet search or in our private files the results are always covered by a level of confusion that covers and conceals any useful information. Concepts are mixed and fragmented in multiple reading levels. Trying to find any logic requires time and plenty of energy.

Researching should be made rapid, effective, customized and easy to represent: welcome to Topic Catcher.

Topic Catcher



There is no method to provide our services that is universally better than another one. This is due to a variety of factors, such as analysis types, customer technology infrastructure, complexity of results, profile of the stakeholders, corporate communication policies and others.

To deal with such a diversified scenario, we implemented three main instruments aimed at showing analysis results:

  • 1


    Reports are periodically sent in the body of an email to a pre-determined list of recipients
  • 2


    We prepare an electronic document for sharing.
  • 3


    It consists in the development and customization of an interactive dashboard that allows customers to navigate the entire report and consult reference data.

TEIA Academy

TEIA Multilayer Social Framework is the result of the transformation of all our methods, instruments, case histories and models developed to this day into an operational tool. We have developed several instruments for our customers over the years, designed for the major players in their businesses, from Food & Beverage to Telco, Home Appliances, Banking, Automotive and Entertainment.

This itinerary starts from the definition of the current social media maturity of the Brand, up to the planning of concrete business objectives for the future. Along the road, all intermediate stations are touched, including the strategic themes of model building, organizations, tools, metrics and user experience. The whole is supported by numerous case histories experienced by TEIA, which are re-examined and used as inspirational elements.

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