Digital data tailored on your trends

Everything starts with a briefing. Once the objectives are shared, we create a customized listening structure and identify the characteristics of data we are looking for in order to establish metrics and KPIs. Then the data grabbing process kicks off and the magic begins: an outstanding quantity of data is analyzed by our Learning Machines, instructed to extract only the most useful information. Following the processing phase, our analysts perform a strict quality control of the information collected, interpret it and create the final report.

General Trend / Specific Trend / Crisis Alert

A single complaint may escalate into a crisis. A success can trigger a streak of positive comments and go viral on the web in no time.
To promptly seize opportunities and prevent any potentially dangerous situations, we listen to all Discussion Trends connected to Brands, Products or Services.

A presence on the social networks is not enough to provide good performance and adequate communication. Any activity the Brands carry out towards consumers, as well as any trend going the opposite way, requires rules and management skills. Nowadays, it is essential to have a reaction capacity tailored to the digital age.

Choices must be based on data, measurements and evidence that TEIA is able to provide. Because constant monitoring generates value only when customer reactions are both based on awareness and promptly taken.

Crisis management is all the more efficient as soon as you are prepared to face it. TEIA offers a variety of tools to avoid being caught unprepared, observing and listening to even the weakest signals of conversations about the Brand, whether on public channels (Social Networks, Forums, Blogs) or proprietary sources (Chat, fax, mail). TEIA designs extremely complex semantic alerting systems, based on criteria established in collaboration with the customers and designed to be processed by Learning Machines.

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