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Everything starts with a briefing. Once the objectives are shared, we create a customized listening structure and identify the characteristics of data we are looking for in order to establish metrics and KPIs. Then the data grabbing process kicks off and the magic begins: an outstanding quantity of data is analyzed by our Learning Machines, instructed to extract only the most useful information. Following the processing phase, our analysts perform a strict quality control of the information collected, interpret it and create the final report.

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We know that people express their opinions when they talk with us and review our products. It is important to consider the essentials of each discussion, understand their meaning and translate them into business insights.
At TEIA we have the tools to listen to huge amounts of conversations and extract Hot Topics, Trends and Hypes from them. We can pick any nuances, ironic expressions or idioms. The only requirement is that someone is talking about it. Keep reading

Extracting Conversation Topics from larger threads may require complex approaches and lengthy analysis. TEIA developed a number of extremely efficient proprietary tools and algorithms for the investigation and tracking of the Topics. Some of these tools are so efficient and in demand that we have developed them into products available to the public to extract discussion clusters starting from one or more threads.

Topic Catcher allows obtaining semantic agglomerations in an extremely intuitive and rapid way from any kind of source, be it the result of a web research or a streaming of buzzes from a Social Network. To further simplify the service, it is possible to obtain a graphic visualization of the results extracted. This not only allows monitoring the emergence of new discussion topics inside organic threads, but also to considerably speed up web researches, avoiding content control through the navigation of each individual result.

TEIA Inspirational Dashboard is an example of proprietary extraction technology applied to the Topics of Conversation: this is a semantic engine to choose and enjoy contents and it can be entirely configured according to your own interests. Our products are increasingly tailored to the specific needs of customers, following TEIA’s true spirit: to face any challenge and issue sticking to customization.


To build an effective social media and digital strategy, it is essential to consider your brand within the reference competitive scenario.
You need not only to listen to ‘what they say about us’, but also to understand what our competitors do and how they are perceived. Keep reading

Knowing the reputation of other brands is an enormous competitive advantage, which, in some cases, constitutes a mandatory condition. There are no limits to the volume of data TEIA can listen to, as we are able to cover entire industrial sectors, countless brands and multiple product lines by providing competitive benchmarks tailored to the needs of customers.

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