Digital data tailored on your audience

Everything starts with a briefing. Once the objectives are shared, we create a customized listening structure and identify the characteristics of data we are looking for in order to establish metrics and KPIs. Then the data grabbing process kicks off and the magic begins: an outstanding quantity of data is analyzed by our Learning Machines, instructed to extract only the most useful information. Following the processing phase, our analysts perform a strict quality control of the information collected, interpret it and create the final report.

Advocates / Detractors Profiling
+ Profile Enrichment + People Insights

It is a truly ambitious objective to put a face to the opinions circulating on the Web. At TEIA we can do much more than this: we developed technologies that allow us
to entirely rebuild the social media and digital identity of an audience, whether your customer base or a group of users in an online discussion group.

Identifying Advocates or Detractors allows building a more effective social media and digital strategy in order to achieve concrete business objectives. Timely profiling of consumer habits, interests and opinions on products, services or general topics leads to a true revolution of Marketing, Customer Support, Sales and Customer Experience processes.

Behind all data there are always people expressing their opinions. If you know your audience and how it relates to your brand, you can do business in an innovative way. It is about moving from communication to customer care, from marketing to product positioning.

A detailed knowledge of the Key Influencers offers endless potential in terms of Advocates and Detractors. TEIA is able to rebuild a complete social media and digital identity card of the individuals behind opinions.

We can extract the complete sociographic map of a given author straight from discussion topics. This allows us to conspicuously improve the reliability of insights as well as broaden the range of traditional analysis. By following this approach, TEIA is able to cover the whole Social Business Intelligence chain, providing structuring and information content to the analysis of the whole social media and digital ecosystem. These and other technology instruments are included in Personas: the first Social Media CRM tool in the world combining proprietary information with information extracted from social media and digital habits of the reference audience or customer base.

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